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At Quick18 we believe your marketing efforts should do two important things: 1) Drive direct bookings and 2) Generate more money for your golf course! We do this in a variety of ways. We believe that by using different tactics you can engage your golfers directly and encourage them to book on your direct channels. We believe that getting golfers to go direct is the more profitable and sustainable way to do business. Using targeted email marketing plans with trackable results, Best Rate Guarantees, dynamic pricing, etc. are all proven ways to make this work.

We also believe that a mobile platform is necessary. Look at Starbucks . . . they have seen 20% of their business in 2015 come from their mobile app. All of our booking engines are also mobile enabled for mobile sites. We have multiple golf course clients who see anywhere from 20-40% of their web/online/mobile bookings coming from their mobile apps. Giving your golfers incentives and giving golfers the easy ability to quickly book their tee times is the best way to keep them coming back to your channel and not a third party.

Make the golfer's experience under your brand the best experience available. Be smart about the way you do business. Quick18 is not only innovative we make it easy for you to operate! For general information and for information on our specific marketing programs designed to generate measurable results please consult a sales rep.

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